30 Duplicate records report H1/H2

by Purgle Linham

31 Unchecked records

by PhilippaTomlinson

32Moved: Taxonomic order issue

by Rory Tallack

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33 Adding field to report wizard

by Alison Stewart

34 geographical information by date rage

by PhilippaTomlinson

35 Export to GIS - date issue

by lornashaw

38 Bounding Box - wizard

by TeresaF

39 Specified dates species list

by sophie.bennett

42 Supplied Report T1 Records for Decades

by PhilippaTomlinson

43 Filtering bat records

by RobLarge

44 Report for first winter dates

by sophie.bennett

46 Summary statistics


48 exporting Taxon Occurrence key

by paulinecampbell23