1 Sticky: New XML Reports

by MikeWeideli

2 Sticky: Guide to XML Reports

by MikeWeideli

3 Determination batch update

by Janet Simkin

5 Where did ufn_RtfToPlaintext go?

by PaulBarrington

6 Exporting to shp file

by Gordon Barker

9 Batch update of Location_Names

by FNRCinfoassist

10 Redundant locations report

by Janet Simkin

13 Darwin Core

by SteveHannah

15 Taxon designation

by Wolfgang

17 Environment Agency Data Template

by Purgle Linham

22 Duplicate records report H1/H2

by Purgle Linham

23 Unchecked records

by PhilippaTomlinson

24Moved: Taxonomic order issue

by Rory Tallack

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25 Adding field to report wizard

by Alison Stewart