1 Sticky: Guide to XML Reports

by MikeWeideli

2 Batch update of Location_Names

by FNRCinfoassist

3 Redundant locations report

by Janet Simkin

6 Darwin Core

by SteveHannah

8 Taxon designation

by Wolfgang

10 Environment Agency Data Template

by Purgle Linham

15 Duplicate records report H1/H2

by Purgle Linham

16 Unchecked records

by PhilippaTomlinson

17Moved: Taxonomic order issue

by Rory Tallack

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18 Adding field to report wizard

by Alison Stewart

19 geographical information by date rage

by PhilippaTomlinson

20 Export to GIS - date issue

by lornashaw

23 Bounding Box - wizard

by TeresaF

24 Specified dates species list

by sophie.bennett