Topic: New XML Reports

I am happy to have a go at doing XML reports for users at no charge.  What I can do and when will depend of having the available time so no promises about when they will be done. I will make sure the reports runs, but it is down to the user to test the reports. To save me time please give some thought to the specification of the report. 

1. Specify the fields you want in the output. If you want species names then specify if it the actual name entered, or the recommended (latest name) you want. Also say if you want the sub genus in the name or not. Common names can be included, but say if you want the name to be blank if there isn't a common name or to show the latin name.

2. Specify what criteria (parameters) you want to use when running the report. I will not know how your data is structured so give some thought to what data you hold and how it is held.

Dates can get complicated if the database contains vague dates with no start date (eg. - 2000 meaning before 2000) or no end date (eg 2000 - meaning after 2000). Also periods (eg Summer).  If you use any of these then I need to know how you want them treated.

Locations, and Admin Areas can also be an issue. How you hold the data may affect what is done in the reports.

With grid refs you may want to exclude site centroid references.

Also consider waht happens with Confidential and Zero abundance records.

3. Specify Sort Order

This can be parameters driven, but I need to know your requirements.

Mike Weideli