Topic: XML Report Column Types

I have been helping a couple of partners with using an XML report which has mostly been working fine. However when running the report against some specific lists we are getting an error.

'String or binary data would be truncated'

Looking at the data which has been reported on successfully I think that the issue is likely related to an abundant species recorded in across a large number of hectads. The report is outputting a list of the hectads comma separated.

In the report this column is defined as varchar(256) - I have read the documentation but cant seem to see anything about column types so would appreciate some guidance on how to define a column with more than 256 characters? or a reference for future use.


Re: XML Report Column Types

Hi Samuel

I might not be able to help but could you upload the XML report so we can see the code just in case?


Andy Foy
Systems Manager
Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL) CIC