26 new Cockroaches

by Tony Witts

27 Speyeria aglaja typo

by Jim Bacon

29 Testate Amoeba

by chrisjohnson

31 ramshorn snail

by Gordon Barker

32 New moth aggregate

by nmrs

35 Cottus in the UK

by stevemcbill

37 Agonum moestum issues

by charliebarnes

39 Addition of Bird Mites

by stevemcbill

41 New species to add please

by Rockwolf

47 Cantharis nigra


48 Antispila petryi

by DaveSlade

49 Anasimyia lineata (Hoverfly)

by stevemcbill

50 New Inocybe Fungus

by stevemcbill