2 Sticky: Taxonomy Search Service

by stevemcbill

4 Ancistrocerus parietum

by CharlieDarling

6 Ocys tachysoides

by charliebarnes

9 iNaturalist Species Names

by stevemcbill

10 Malthonica genus revision

by josh.baum

11 Ophion revision

by DaveSlade

12 New Cynipid Wasp to be Added

by stevemcbill

14 Quedius lucidulus

by hazeljh

15 Betula cordifolia

by stevemcbill

16 Eriosoma flavum Jancke

by stevemcbill

17 Three new fungi species

by Tony Witts

19 Mildew Name Change

by stevemcbill

21 Diptera: Psilidae

by Darwyn Sumner

22 Eulophus ramicornis

by Gordon Barker

25 Cantharis name change

by stephskipp