Topic: New moth aggregate

Hi Chris,

I've recently requested with MapMate a couple of macro-moth aggregates requested by recorders which ideally should also be reflected in the UKSI for iRecord/NMRS Online and Recorder 6 users, as follows:

Amphipoea fucosa x lucens Saltern Ear x Large Ear (apparently this pair hybridises in north Scotland - anecdotal)
Aporophyla lutulenta/lueneburgensis Deep-brown/Northern Deep-brown Dart
Noctua janthe/janthina Lesser Broad-bordered/Langmaid's Yellow Underwing
Plusia festucae/putnami Gold Spot/Lempke's Gold Spot

No doubt others to follow in due course.

Any issues, please let me know.

Best wishes,

Les Evans-Hill
Senior Data Officer
Butterfly Conservation, Butterflies for the New Millennium and National Moth Recording Scheme