Topic: ramshorn snail


Checking on some records of Anisus (Disculifer) vorticulus, the preferred English name on NBNA  and iRecord is Ramshorn snail but on my, admittedly outdated, copy of Recorder it is Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail. Wondering if this could be a case of a general name rather than a specific one being marked as preferred leading to incorrect data entry, i.e. someone has seen a ramshorn snail (an unspecified member of Planorbidae), enters the English general name, but the record ends up as one of the rarest species in the family. Is it a UKSI problem or an iRecord one?


Gordon Barker
Biological Survey Data Manager
National Trust


Re: ramshorn snail

Yet another example of how use of vernacular names can cause confusion.