Topic: GBNNSIP List in R6

Hello folks, I've been attempting to use this list for reporting - it doesn't seem to have been set up to be used in designation reporting and there are also some inconsistencies in the list in my copy of R6 6.28 dictionary version 48. The following species are listed twice:

Acericerus heydenii
Antiponemertes pantini
Argonemertes dendyi
Australoplana sanguinea
Azolla filiculoides
Cygnus melanocorypha
Euplectes diadematus
Kontikia andersoni
Kontikia ventrolineata
Leucaspius delineatus
Marenzelleria neglecta
Parakontikia coxii
Passerina leclancherii
Pithophora roettleri
Tellima grandiflora
Thaumetopoea processionea
Viridicerus ustulatus
Zosterops palpebrosus

usually they have one listing with a GBES status and one with no status.

There are also a number of species that appear on the list that don't have any GBES code:
Amara (Amara) anthobia
Ardea herodias
Atherina boyeri
Bombycilla cedrorum
Chaetosiphon (Pentatrichopus) fragaefolii
Codium fragile
Microlestes minutulus
Muscicapa dauurica
Pileolaria militaris
Progne subis
Pseudolithoderma roscoffense
Rhopalosiphum insertum
Scytosiphon dotyi
Silurus glanis
Streptopelia decaocto

Should the above have a GBES status code or be on the list at all?