Topic: No Occurrences in Reports

Hi, I am trying to run reports through the wizard. When I get to the output, I get blank tables with no records and a caption of "no occurrences found" in the top corner. I am specifically trying to extract information from source documents for each taxon in a rucksack, however I have also tried different reports with different species lists and have the same issue universally. I have tried toggling the constraints for confidential/unchecked records etc, and importing records, but no luck.

I am new to Recorder6 so apologies if this answer/solution is obvious - I have looked through the guides/documentation and this forum extensively but cannot seem to find the right method.



Re: No Occurrences in Reports

Hi Franky

Sorry, no silver bullet but just a thought ... do you have the user permissions in R6 to access some/all of the surveys?


Andy Foy
Systems Manager
Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL) CIC


Re: No Occurrences in Reports

Hi Andy

That has in fact helped, thank you! However I now suspect that what I was hoping to do (extracting the "facts" text from red data books for each taxon) is not actually possible through reports? My taxa list is small enough so far that I can do it manually, but of course automation would be fastest.