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Topic: Melampsora hypericorum on Tutsan

Dear Chris,

I have recently been in conversation with a Curator on iNaturalist (name: nschwab). He has said "It is probably referenced as Melampsora hypericorum erroneously. Uredo androsaemi is the name of the rust on Tutsan.  Melampsora hypericorum sensu stricto is known on Hypericum humifusumis.".

See here: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/53302088

Could this be checked and reflected in the UKSI and beyond please.  Currently, Uredo androsaemum is not on teh UKSI.

Cheers and thanks.

Steve J. McWilliam


Re: Melampsora hypericorum on Tutsan

Hello Steve. New fungal names for the UKSI now go first onto the BMS Checklist and once checked, are sent to the UKSI. There is an online form for requesting additions to the list of fungal names but for some reason, I am not allowed to post URLs in my replies so I can send you the link if you email me at david.mitchel@nifg.org.uk.

I have inquired about this name and it seems this change is still in discussion. Poelt & Zwetko (1991) found differences between the size of the spores of rusts on cultivated and ornamental hypericums and work is ongoing here looking at material and measuring spores of the rusts on Hypericums to see if we are also getting these differences in the UK and ideally also looking at their DNA. The Welsh micro group are naming their finds on Tutsan Melampsora sp. but think it could also be Melampsoroidium sp.......


Re: Melampsora hypericorum on Tutsan

And the links are working now. If you want to request a new fungal name, can you please go to the following webpage:

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp … A/viewform