Topic: Addition of Bird Mites


Could you please add a small few bird mites to the Dictionary.  They are as follows:

1.  Knemidocoptes mutans Robin & Lanquentin, 1859 - the causer of a condition called scaly leg. This specie of mite burrows beneath leg scales and causes them to loosen and rise. Clinical signs will include the bird having distorted legs and claws and may appear lame. The bird may also be paying particular attention to their legs and may show signs of pruritus.

2.  Dermanyssus gallinae (De Geer, 1778) - Synonym: Knemidocoptes gallinae - the causer of a condition called depluming itch. Mites burrow into the feather shafts and cause intense pruritus and pain, so much so that the bird will pull out its feathers. Therefore clinical signs include loss of feathers by self trauma, depression, intense pre-occupation in pulling out feathers. The bird will often not eat and will appear to lose weight.

3.  Knemidocoptes pilae Lavoipierre & Griffiths (1951) - the causer of a condition called scaly beak (scaly face in psittacine birds) and is caused when the mites burrow into feathered parts of the beak and into the lightly feathered areas of the face and body. Clinical signs will include loss of feathers and scaliness around the base of the beak and spreading over the face. There may be mild pruritus but not as severe as other forms in the genus.

Many thanks.


Steve J. McWilliam