Topic: Import Wizard - redundant taxa

I am currently not able to upload any Marsh saxifrage - Saxifraga hirculus records into Recorder, with the import wizard throwing up the message "Matches only to redundant taxa".

Saxifraga hirculus is listed in a number of dictionaries, among others the VASCULAR PLANTS... checklist, and I can add records for the species manually in the survey window.

Recorder version is 6.30. I'd appreciate if this could be addressed.


Jochen Roller | National Parks & Wildlife Service | Dublin


Re: Import Wizard - redundant taxa

This is resolved now.
Going to Tools > Options > General and unticking <Use preferred taxa for Import Wizard> did the trick and let me match the taxon using the VASCULAR PLANTS... checklist.


Re: Import Wizard - redundant taxa

I have checked  Iin  the UKSI  and this taxa is considered redundant which is why R6 is not allowing it to be used. Redundant taxa are no longer considered as valid UK species. I don't know why this is the case for this species, but it suggests more investigation is required into taxonomy

Mike Weideli
Littlefield Consultancy - IT Consultants