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Topic: New Cynipid Wasp to be Added


Can you please add Neaylax salviae (Giraud, 1859) to the UKSI and beyond.  Brian Wuzell has found that it is now established in north London.

First record was from Markfield Park on a white-flowered form of Salvia x superba called cv 'Adrian.' in September 2015. That population has since gone due to eradication of the foodplant by gardeners. Plants of this group of Salvia species and hybrids are loosely known as Balkan or Twiggy Sages, their origins arising from S. nemorosa, S. x sylvestris and S. villicaulis, but their precise classifications are not always clear due to horticultural back-crossings and selections.

Second record was from Lordship Recreation Ground on a pale purple form of S. x superba, in August 2018.

Third record was from Chestnuts Park, off St Ann's Road, on a dark purple form of S. x superba, in August 2019.


Steve J. McWilliam