Topic: Chamaepsila unilineata

Searching for Chamaepsila unilineata returns Chamaepsila pallida.
They are not the same, Tony says so:
Irwin T. 2016. The current status of Chamaepsila unilineata (Zetterstedt) (Diptera, Psilidae). Dipterists Dig. Second Ser. 23(2):137–40


Re: Chamaepsila unilineata

Thanks Darwyn - I had a chat with Tony and have split off unilineata ... the other synonyms of pallida are a mess so I have left them as they are :)

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Re: Chamaepsila unilineata

But a search on the Atlas gives me Ch. pallida and all those records.
It should either be removed as a synonym or given a page with zero records (if that's possible)
Otherwise this species cannot be recorded.