Topic: Unable to run Dictionary Upgrade on W10 workstation on network.

On our R6 network we used until very recently laptops with W7 installed, connecting to the database on a remote server. We have now received new machines with W10 installed. R6 was installed by our IT staff on the new machines using files downloaded from the R6 website.

Today I tried to run a Dictionary Upgrade from 48 to 4E, having previously downloaded the Upgrade Kit and the necessary files from the R6 site.

On clicking on the Upgrade.exe file in the Upgrade Kit we received a window with "Do you want to allow....." message – see attached screenshot screenshot. User name and password were entered but we received another message "Recorder is not correctly installed on this machine - see screenshot. We did not receive the expected Upgrade window into which our IT would have to put in their SQL password.

In order to run the upgrade I had to use the old W7 machine to run the upgrade – all was successful.
Any ideas as to what checks I can carry out and advise our IT? The Application File list of items looks identical, as I thought that the new installation on the W10 machine may be missing an item in RecorderAppFiles. In all other respects R6 runs perfectly on the W10 installation.

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Re: Unable to run Dictionary Upgrade on W10 workstation on network.

Can I just confirm that your W10 machine is connected to the server and is seeing the R6 database that the W7 machines see ?  It may be terminolgy, but installing a new workstation should not have involved downloading any software and  Recorderapp.exe shouldn't be on the Windows 10 machine, but being run from the server , so it just makes me wonder what was done ?  Sounds like you could have R6 installed on the Win 10 machine and accessing the database on the Server, which will work, but the registry is messed up which is why the dictionary upgrade won't work.

Mike Weideli