Topic: Brachylimnophila nemorale

Whilst I was looking for this species I came across Dicranophragma nemorale which it is a synonym of in the 'List of additional names' (although not listed as one of the synonyms).

The first synonym is listed as Neolimnophila (Bradylimnophila) nemoralis (Meigen, 1818), but this should be Neolimnophila (Brachylimnophila) nemoralis.

Dicranophragma (Brachylimnophila) nemorale should probably also be listed as a synonym.




Re: Brachylimnophila nemorale

Hi Phil

At the moment we list "Dicranophragma nemorale" as the accepted name but do you know that it has changed to "Brachylimnophila nemorale"? I have corrected the "Bradylimnophila" (sic).  I also have an outstanding query regarding this genus with regard to status of mitis and nemorale, which I probably should get back on to ... more head scratching needed! ;) 

Chris R.

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