Topic: Batch update of Location_Names

We at Fife Nature Records Centre have some historic records (12,897) which have their location names contained within the comments field. The abundance figures are also in the comments field on occasion. I am hoping to batch update the location names from a spreadsheet I have produced containing the TOK key and the location name to be added, is there an XML batch update that can do this for me?
Any help would be much appreciated.
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Re: Batch update of Location_Names

The attached Batch Update should do what you require. The csv file needs two columns Taxon_Occurrence_Key and Location_Name (others may be there) . The length of Location_Name must not exceed 100 characters.  Take a backup before running this and check the output before continuing to use R6. You will find it in menu LC.

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Re: Batch update of Location_Names

Thank you so much Mike, this worked a treat. I am a very happy Fife Nature support assistant, much appreciated. Mhairi