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Re: Missing Stilt Fly ??

Does anyone know if the Stilt Fly (Cliorismia rustica) is on the NBN Dictionary (and on the Recorder-6 dictionary) under a different synonym ?? It certainly seems to be missing from the Online Species Dictionary on the NHM website and I cannot find any other synonymy on the web. I don't have access to Rec-6 on this machine or at this site.

If it is missing from the Dictionary (and from the Webservices and Rec-6 dictionaries) then it could do with adding asap. (Darwyn - as National Recorder - have you had any problems inputting this species at all ??).


Steve :)

Steve J. McWilliam


Re: Missing Stilt Fly ??

Always happy to grab an opportunity to advertise Diptera.
Firstly it's Cliorismia rustica (Southern Silver-stilleto), the stilleto flies are those medium sized things you see on sand-dune paths - dark thorax but silvery blue/gray abdomen that sometimes catches the sunlight in an attractive way. Some of them will be out and about as soon as the May weather warms up a bit.
They are in Alan Stubbs & Martin Drake's book "British Soldierflies and their allies" and the scheme organiser for this lot is Simon Hayhow.
My scheme is Stilt & Stalk flies - a concocted name covering different Families.
Details of our schemes can be found at Dipterists Forum's new website where the famous Stuart Ball has now constructed for us a website along the lines of this Forum (I call it the Dipterists Forum Forum but no-one else does) and recently added a wiki. There's also a full checklist there and some very neat implementations of customised maps using NBN Gateway data and the kind of web linkages discussed in this forum (and in Jim Bacon's article in the latest NBN News)


Re: Missing Stilt Fly ??

Dear Steve,

Just to follow up on this.

Cliorismia rustica (Panzer, [1804]) is already in the Species Dictionary, where it appears in 'Checklist of Insects of the British Isles (New Series) Part 1: Diptera (Chandler, 1998 and updates)'. It has a Taxon Version Key of NBNSYS0000189329


Charles Hussey

NBN Species Dictionary Project Manager (Retired!) smile


Re: Missing Stilt Fly ??

An opportunity here to show how easy it is to do those maps.
Charles has helpfully provided the Taxon Version Key so all you need to do to make it link to an NBN Gateway distribution map is construct a link as follows:

[url=http://www.dipteristsforum.org.uk/sgb_nbn_map.php?id=NBNSYS0000189329]Cliorismia rustica (Panzer, [1804])[/url]

And what you get is this Cliorismia rustica (Panzer, [1804])