Topic: R6 reporting on subspecies - hierarchy problems

We hold some records of Forester moth which are attributed to the subspecies Adscita statices statices rather than the species. The Forester moth is an LBAP priority species and I have a custom designation in R6 to allow me to extract LBAP priority species (which is built from species-level taxa), so I was curious why a number of Forester records were not appearing in the report output. It seems that according to the Organism hierarchy, the sub species is linked directly from the sub-genus and is not related to the species (see attached). This no doubt comes about from the previous update of the lepidoptera dictionary which caused so many problems for R6 users. The same issue occurs with burnet moths and no doubt others too. Please can we try to resolve this ongoing issue with the lepidoptera dictionary otherwise reporting using the hierarchy is really problematic.

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Mark Pollitt
SWSEIC (formerly DGERC)


Re: R6 reporting on subspecies - hierarchy problems

Hi Mark - that doesn't seem to be an issue here in the master copy. The subspecies are linked directly to the parent species. Can you have a look at the issue after applying the next taxonomy update (due soon)?

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Re: R6 reporting on subspecies - hierarchy problems

Hi Chris

The update (dictionary version 00000040) has certainly fixed the Forester moth situation, and similarly looks to have sorted some the designation issues with bats (from a quick glance). However I've found a problem elsewhere in the moth hierarchy in R6 - the genus Hadena looks to be in a bit of a pickle in the organism view. I'll post a new thread so I can attach a screenshot...

Mark Pollitt
SWSEIC (formerly DGERC)