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Good morning all,

I'm about to build a brand new Indicia powered site to host a number of structured survey and reporting forms.

Which CMS am I best building upon? I was thinking I would use Drupal 7 as it is probably the most mature and probably has the most feature and community support. However I'm aware there has been lots of investment in Drupal 8 and a third party Wordpress module has also been recently discussed on this forum.




Re: Recommended platform for webforms

Hi Paul

If you were enthusiastic about Wordpress I would certainly suggest you had a chat with Andy Watson. However, while I haven't seen his plugin, I don't imagine it supports as many features as the Drupal module for Indicia.

Between Drupal 7 and 8, I feel we are just coming to that tipping point where 8 might be the better choice. That said, I haven't used it myself yet. Every week I see a list of new and updated modules for Drupal and there now tend to be more for 8 than for 7. The Indicia module for Drupal 8 has received some attention and is in use but I'm not sure how widely. Coincidentally, while I typed that, an email from John van Breda arrived saying he has recently moved http://www.naturespot.org.uk/ to Drupal 8 so I take that as a significant recommendation.

Jim Bacon


Re: Recommended platform for webforms

Thanks Jim :-)

I'm still open to discussion over the next fortnight but my thoughts now are to move forward with a Drupal 8 implementation, especially given the site will run for at least the next 5 years.

The Wordpress option is tempting because I'm more familiar with Wordpress. However I don't have the bandwidth to be able to invest in pioneering (at this time).