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Good morning all,

I'm about to build a brand new Indicia powered site to host a number of structured survey and reporting forms.

Which CMS am I best building upon? I was thinking I would use Drupal 7 as it is probably the most mature and probably has the most feature and community support. However I'm aware there has been lots of investment in Drupal 8 and a third party Wordpress module has also been recently discussed on this forum.




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Hi Paul

If you were enthusiastic about Wordpress I would certainly suggest you had a chat with Andy Watson. However, while I haven't seen his plugin, I don't imagine it supports as many features as the Drupal module for Indicia.

Between Drupal 7 and 8, I feel we are just coming to that tipping point where 8 might be the better choice. That said, I haven't used it myself yet. Every week I see a list of new and updated modules for Drupal and there now tend to be more for 8 than for 7. The Indicia module for Drupal 8 has received some attention and is in use but I'm not sure how widely. Coincidentally, while I typed that, an email from John van Breda arrived saying he has recently moved http://www.naturespot.org.uk/ to Drupal 8 so I take that as a significant recommendation.

Jim Bacon


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Thanks Jim :-)

I'm still open to discussion over the next fortnight but my thoughts now are to move forward with a Drupal 8 implementation, especially given the site will run for at least the next 5 years.

The Wordpress option is tempting because I'm more familiar with Wordpress. However I don't have the bandwidth to be able to invest in pioneering (at this time).



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Hi Paul, D8 looks good for Indicia, i'd move there myself if i was feeling a little more ambitious! Let me know how you get on, i follow your intrepid-ness with interest!

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Hello Paul,

You can see the WordPress plugin at work on https://swseic.org.uk/online-recording-form/, we're working on packaging the WordPress plugin up for use outside this project, the plugin is not as comprehensive as the drupal plugin as Jim says so if you're configuring complex surveys it may not be the best option (yet). The survey builder is drag and drop and field composer covers the majority of indicia data fields, embedding the surveys to WordPress pages and posts works via shortcode so it can be inserted anywhere. We'll aim to release a demo site this quarter.



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Thanks Andy,

I hadn't seen your reply for some reason. Has the URL for the wordpress form changed?