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Upgrade  is now available at http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/page-4612 .

This is a minor upgrade designed to fix a bug in V6.26.1.285 which caused problems with some taxa due to an error in the way the redundant flag was set. User who have installed v6.26.1.285 must also upgrade  their dictionary to  dictionary to 0000003X to resolve this problem.

User on version of R6 V 6.25 or earlier, should upgrade to and  avoid upgrade

Mike Weideli


Re: Recorder 6 Upgrade

Hi Mike,

I experienced an issue within the last year whereby updates to the Organism table i.e. redundant flags applied to all moth families and subfamilies that are now make up the Erebidae family, no longer exported when an export filter was applied and I had no idea or any way of knowing this was happening. To resolve this I had to explicitly filter (via the Export Management, Export Filters) to the specific every species under the affected families and subfamilies.

My question being, when you say "a bug in V6.26.1.285 which caused problems with some taxa due to an error in the way the redundant flag was set." - Is this related in any way to my experiences above? I was and still am running 284 as I write. Is it possible 284 may have been affected as well?

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Les Evans-Hill
Senior Data Officer
Butterfly Conservation, Butterflies for the New Millennium and National Moth Recording Scheme


Re: Recorder 6 Upgrade

This is proboably a related problem, but not the same one. There has been code for a long time which has made a parent Organism redundant where all its children are redundant. This is fine above species level, but there were some recent instances where sub-species had been made redundant which resulted in the species and above all being made redundant, which is not correct.  In 6.26.2 control of this has been taken out of the R6 application and put in the Dictionary upgrade, which will make it easier to deal with anomalies. I will investigate the current situation with  Erebidae family and let you know. Probably an upgrade to the latest dictionary will sort the problem without upgrading to 6,26.2, but I need to check this.

The big advantage in 6.26.2 is that it allows you top see the Organsim table as a hierarchy so you can see exactly how it is structured. Structure of Erebidae is attached.

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Mike Weideli


Re: Recorder 6 Upgrade

It looks like  Erebidae is Ok in the dictionary (see above screenshot)  and it should expand without issues. Your problem with 284 may relates to how the can expand flag was being set. This has been changed in 6.26 which should producea more consistent result.

Mike Weideli


Re: Recorder 6 Upgrade

Hi Mike, I've applied the latest R6 & dictionary upgrade and I'm experiencing some unexpected behaviour regarding preferred TVK and TLIK:

If I use the goto key plugin and search for the recommended TLIK for bearded stonewort NHMSYS0000439898  it takes me to the BSBI list as expected.
However if I search for the recommended TVK I get the following 'Information' message 'Item identified by parameter AItemSQL not available in the list'.

recommended TLIK for oxtongue broomrape NHMSYS0000448196 - BSBI List
recommended TVK NHMSYS0000461383 - takes me to the Defra Crop Wild Relatives checklist!

Any ideas what the problem might be?



Re: Recorder 6 Upgrade

This is because the addin does not return the  recommended tlik when a Tvk is entered.  It works out a Tlik to return  based on the TVk, but it just chooses the tlik at random. If the tlik is not a preferred key on the list  it chooses then you get this error.

Mike Weideli


Re: Recorder 6 Upgrade

Thanks Mike - glad it's a plugin issue and nothing more serious than that!