Topic: Recorder 6 reset of maps - Information required

I am looking at the way the maps within R6 work, with a view to making the processes more robust so that it is not necessary to reset  the maps, or that if it is required  the information can be retrieved.  I need to undertsand in what circumstances, mapping is failing and any information on this would be appreciated. I know it can fail when importing boundaries, but I suspect there may be other times. I do not require any detail, just a indication of what is being done when the maps fail.

Mike Weideli


Re: Recorder 6 reset of maps - Information required

I've never seen anything obvious that causes maps to fail. It tends to happen on newer users machines i.e. a new user is set up, uses Recorder maps for a bit, comes back next day and needs to reset the maps.

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership


Re: Recorder 6 reset of maps - Information required

Thanks. That is helpful, because it suggests a problem when R6 attempts to sync the base maps.

Mike Weideli


Re: Recorder 6 reset of maps - Information required

Our maps seem to randomly fail and at times re-setting hasn't fixed the problem and so I've had to delete them all. This does not happen too frequently luckily. I don;t think it has been linked to setting up a new user.

We use a map to add buffers in for data search queries and this is used by several staff, so in this we import a polygon as a MIF, run a report from this and then at some point after, delete the polygon. Along with that we have a shared map with our reserves loaded on and matched to their locations by LK, which we use to run spatial reports from, plus occasional user ones.

Purgle Linham
Wiltshire & Swindon Biological Records Centre