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we have upgraded to Recorder in a test database. Now we are having problems with exporting reports.
If I run a "Quick Report" from a location, it opens up the report. If I then do an Excel report, it produces an Excel file, where the data are spread all over the table, not really randomly, but not in a structured way either.
We are using Excel 2003, SP3.
Who can help?

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Re: Export to Excel

Which quick report are you referring to? Occurrences for Places and Places for Occurrences have never exported well to Excel using the ‘Export report’ button on the active window toolbar. Even in Recorder 2000, this facility didn’t produce a useful Excel file. It simply dumps what you see in the print preview into Excel so you end up with species names and dates in the same column etc.

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Re: Export to Excel

Hello Sally,
Your description of what the tool does, is quite accurate. So it looks like it is something, which is not due to our installation, but that's simply, how it works in Recorder.