Topic: Taxon names with attributes

I have just realised that the report wizard can now show taxon names with their attributes (s. lat., s. str. etc.), something we have been after for a very long time. This is great, but now I need to do the same thing in our xml reports, to show both the original taxon name that was used on input and the recommended (or is it preferred?) name with their attributes.

Every time I try to get to grips with the data structure for taxon names in R6 I end up totally baffled, so any guidance will be gratefully received!


Janet Simkin
British Lichen Society


Re: Taxon names with attributes

There are two user defined functions which provide this information directly from the Taxon_List_Item_Key

[dbo].[LCPrefNameWithAttribute]  and dbo].[LCRecNameWithAttribute]

So the SQL would be SELECT  [dbo].[LCPrefNameWithAttribute](TDET.Taxon_LIst_Item_Key,0),  [dbo].[LCRecNameWithAttribute](TDET.Taxon_LIst_Item_Key,0) FROM Taxon_Determination TDET

Note that the second parameter in the UDF determines if the sub genus is included in the name. Use 1 to include the sub genus and 0 to exclude it.

Mike Weideli