Topic: problem with Del7 Batch update


I have been trying to use the JNCCDel7 batch update (I think this might be a Littlefield one, not sure), deletes taxon occurences based on a csv file.

Occassionally it works, but probably 3 goes out of 4 it returns following error message:

There is an error in the SQL.  the DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE CONSTRAINT "FK_TAXON_OCCURENCE_SAMPLE".  The conflict is in database NBNData, table dbo.taxon_occurence, column sample

Additionally, it only deletes 3000, which I can see from the code, which means that Ihave to keep using it as I wish to delete a bigger set of samples than this.

An error message is fine when its consistent, but using the same csv file and the same batch update getting it to not work twice then to work (or not, depending on its mood, apparently) is becoming a little irksome as I have quite a few to delete



Re: problem with Del7 Batch update

An update - it seems that, having tried this a few times, this batch update falls over the first time it is run, and then, if you do not close recorder but try it again, it is then happy to delete 3000 records, and subsequently it runs every time with other csv files.  Wierd.

I did check the records deleted and it does not delete any the time it has an error but  does do 3000 deletions other times.