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Planocarina carinata (Archer) Leidy, 1879
Order Arcellinida family Hyalospheniidae
Formerly Nebela carinata (Ref: Hingley, M (1993) Microscopic life in Sphagnum)

Anush Kosakyan, Daniel J. G. Lahr, Matthieu Mulot, Ralf Meisterfeld, Edward A. D. Mitchell, Enrique Lara (2016): Phylogenetic reconstruction based on COI reshuffles the taxonomy of hyalosphenid shelled (testate) amoebae and reveals the convoluted evolution of shell plate shapes. Cladistics 32: 606-623, DOI: 10.1111/cla.12167

Siemensma, F. J., Microworld, world of amoeboid organisms. World-wide electronic publication, Kortenhoef, the Netherlands

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