Topic: Species names in Recorder 6 dictionary vs. iRecord

iRecord is a very well used recording tool in Sussex and generates a large number of records that are regularly downloaded and imported into the SxBRC's R6 database. To make the import process smoother the records are name-matched with the TVK's supplied in the download rather than the actual taxon names. This also completely removes any possibility of mismatched taxon names being mistakenly imported. However, the most recent iRecord download contained records of four taxa for witch there was no match in our (up to date) species dictionary. On further investigation, I found that these taxa weren't in listed in the UK Species Inventory or the NBN Atlas species search. This begs the question as to how and why iRecord should be out of sync with these other authorities and where is the master copy? I am assuming that the taxa in question are to be added to the other lists, unless, that is, that they have been deleted and iRecord is lagging behind.
The taxa in question are:
Xanthogramma pedissequum sensu lato - TVK: NHMSYS0021196425
Xanthogramma pedissequum sensu strictu - TVK: NHMSYS0021196431
Botanophila striolata/discreta agg. - TVK: NHMSYS0021199107
Dasysyrphus venustus sensu lato - TVK: NHMSYS0021196476

Any thoughts on the matter would be most welcome.


Re: Species names in Recorder 6 dictionary vs. iRecord

Dear Bob,
All four taxa are in both the UKSI and the NBN Atlas:

Xanthogramma pedissequum sensu lato: https://species.nbnatlas.org/species/NHMSYS0021196425
Xanthogramma pedissequum sensu strictu: https://species.nbnatlas.org/species/NHMSYS0021196431
Botanophila striolata/discreta agg.: https://species.nbnatlas.org/species/NHMSYS0021199107
Dasysyrphus venustus sensu lato: https://species.nbnatlas.org/species/NHMSYS0021196476

When I ran the search the Atlas did not match the name qualifier, so I had to scroll through the list to find the correct name for three of the taxa. We only added the qualifier to the name in a recent update of the species dictionary and we didn't realise that it wouldn't be included in the search. We are going to improve the species search in the next couple of months.

Best wishes, Sophie


Re: Species names in Recorder 6 dictionary vs. iRecord

Hi Sophie,

That's interesting and thanks for responding. I guess I was too impatient and didn't scroll far enough! Your answer suggests that the current Recorder 6 dictionaries are due an update although I haven't hear that one is pending.

Thanks again,



Re: Species names in Recorder 6 dictionary vs. iRecord

Hi Bob

All four of those species are in our R6 dictionary (version 4k) on the list of additional names.