Topic: Installing the Warehouse - setup_check 'Unable to Complete Request'


I'm in the process of installing a copy of the warehouse locally.

I can't even get as far as running the setup_check part of the installation php files though.

I keep getting the error message 'Unable to Complete Request' with no further information provided (see attached screenshot). I've also checked the apache server logs and no errors have been added related to this error.

Steps to reproduce on Windows 10: -

* Install Xampp, enable Curl and pgsql and confirm enabled via php info

* Install PostGreSQL by BigSQL (includes postgres 9.6 and post gis 2.3)

* Create new indicia database in PostGreSQL and add the two PostGIS extensions (running on port 5433 if that makes a difference - the install process is failing before it asks me to provide database connection details though)

* Download the warehouse source code from GitHub and extract

* Download the client_helpers and media files from GitHub and extract to the directories within the warehouse source code folder

* Copy the warehouse source code into htdocs

* Try and run index.php and that's when I hit the attached error message

All support welcomed :-)


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Re: Installing the Warehouse - setup_check 'Unable to Complete Request'

Hi Paul,

That looks like it could be an unhandled php exception.
Check the PHP error log and also the warehouse log in the application/logs folder.
Idly wondering if it could be a missing client_helpers/helper_config.php file.

Jim Bacon.


Re: Installing the Warehouse - setup_check 'Unable to Complete Request'

Thanks for the quick reply Jim,

#PHP error log
I've checked the PHP error log and there are no entries in there. I can tell the error log is working though because if I change the database name being used by a mysqli_connect() call in another web app I have in htdocs new errors are being appended to the error log.

#Warehouse error log
Something is being written in here each time I try to start the install process...

2017-09-20 15:35:24 +01:00 --- error: #8: Error converted to exception. Undefined variable: warehouseTitle at line 29 in file C:\xampp\htdocs\__public__\warehouse\application\views\templates\template.php

The line it is referring to in template.php currently reads

$siteTitle = html::specialchars($warehouseTitle);


In the client helpers directory I can see '_helper_config.php' which contains the class 'helper_config'

class helper_config {
  static $base_url='';
  static $geoserver_url = '';
  static $bing_api_key='';

I can't find any reference to warehouseTitle though.



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Re: Installing the Warehouse - setup_check 'Unable to Complete Request'

Hi Paul, i don't know if it relates to what you're seeing (my only experience is the online installation using BRC warehouse) but you will need to create a copy of '_helper_config.php' named 'helper_config.php' the site will use this in the install. (no idea what warehouseTitle is though.. Once the install is run you will need to set the database(warehouse) you're going to use).

http://indicia-docs.readthedocs.io/en/l … pport.html

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Re: Installing the Warehouse - setup_check 'Unable to Complete Request'

Thanks Ben,

I've just tried this but the error message remains the same, good suggestion though.

To move forward in the process I've hardcoded a warehouseTitle in the template.php file on line 29. No idea what impact this might have further down the line though.

I'm now on the configuration check page. I will keep you updated on progress.




Re: Installing the Warehouse - setup_check 'Unable to Complete Request'

Hardcoding the value 'warehouseTitle' into line 29 of file /application/views/templates/template.php enabled the installation to go ahead.

I now have a working warehouse installed locally. Cheers for your help Jim and Ben.