Topic: Exobasidium names to check please

I have been recording some of the Exobasidium fungi occurring on plant leaves and would like you to check a possible error please.

In 2013 I checked populations of Vaccinium uliginosum and staff at Kew confirmed that Exobasidium pachysporum was found on the leaves.  The same day I checked populations of Arctostaphylos uva-ursi and again Kew confirmed that what I found on its leaves was Exobasidium sydowianum.  More of both Exobasidium species have been recorded again this year, on the plants as described above.  It would appear that NBN currently has E. sydowianum as a synonym of E. pachysporum, the latter is accepted when typed into NBN Gateway but when you check records on the map the name E. sydowianum pops up.

FRDBI accepts both as species (along with Mycobank and Index Fungorum) and, with the fungi being host specific, you can see from above that both occur on different plants.

Could you check please and re-list as separate species thereafter.  Happy to provide photos of the two species to show how different they are if that helps.

Many thanks


Re: Exobasidium names to check please

Hi Stewart

Many thanks for pointing that out - it seems pretty clear-cut. I have split them so that should filter through when the NBN Gateway takes a new update (soon). Records attributed to pachysporum will automatically follow the name to a map of their own.

We are actually working with Richard Shotbolt who has developed a synchronising tool (IndexFungorum to GBChecklist to UKSI) that would have cured this issue but I am happy to do changes manually while we are testign the synchroniser. :)

Best wishes,
Chris R.

Chris Raper, Manager of the UK Species Inventory, Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity,
Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD.  (tel: 020 7942 5894)
also Tachinid Recording Scheme (http://tachinidae.org.uk/)


Re: Exobasidium names to check please

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your help with sorting this one.
Best wishes