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Topic: can't install Rec6_Recorder3 import addin

I am using a standalone version of R6 ( on a Windows 7 64-bit platform.  I cannot install the Recorder 3 import addin, although I was successful in installing the Update Last Key addin immediately prior to this.   When I located the downloaded addin via Tools > Install > Add-in Module, and selected Open, the curser changed to a revolving sphere and just kept going without anything happening apparently.  After 10 minutes I pressed Alt/Ctrl//Del to exit.  I have looked in the Addins folder and noticed that both these addins are listed, although, of the two, only Update Last Key is shown in the Addins Configuration window. Consequently I cannot locate the .EXP file needed to import the data. What can I do to resolve the problem, please?

PS. both these addins installed successfully last night on another PC running a standalone R6 (v 6.18.1) on a Windows XP platform.


Re: can't install Rec6_Recorder3 import addin

I have managed to install this on a Windows 8, 64 bit machine. It has installed and is available for use, without causing any problems with running R6, but I don't know if it works. I have installed some of the other extra addins and these do work.  Two things I have discovered about addins and Windows 8 which might help.

Firstly copy all the files in the R3 Import addin folder into the R6 addin folder. When installing the addin select it from the R6 addin folder. You will get a message about it already being there, but ignore this.

Secondly, Windows 8 is hiding the dialog box, which gives the impression that installation is stuck. This may be the case with Windows 7 in some circumstances. You should see an icon at the bottom of the Window which will show the message and allow you to continue.

Mike Weideli
Littlefield Consultancy - IT Consultants


Re: can't install Rec6_Recorder3 import addin

Thanks, Mike. I have successfully installed the Recorder 3 import addin and imported a load of records.  All is now well.  The key to solving the problem was in the final paragraph of your post yesterday.  When I clicked the icon at the bottom of the window it broke the loop (the continuously revolving sphere) and I was informed that the addin had been successfully installed and it immediately appeared in the addin window.  As a result I was able to locate the .EXP file which previously I had been unable to do.  Thanks again.