Topic: Report button for Locations

We have installed Recorder There is now a button on the bottom of the screen, which should create reports from locations. There are two options: summary and species list.
When I try species list, I get the message, that the MSJTER35.DLL can’t be loaded.
When I try summary, I get the same message. On top of that, a blank formPreview window opens. This window can’t be closed ("Control '' has no parent window").
According to our IT department the dll exists in: C:\Program Files\Recorder 6 Server\Workstation Setup\System Components\System32
Did anybody come across the same error?



Re: Report button for Locations

There is no Report button at the bottom of my location window in v6.18.1.260, 0000001Q, but the system I am looking at was installed fairly recently. There used to be one in Recorder 2002 and in early versions of Recorder 6 but it was superseded by some xml reports. The functions were provided by the ‘Location reports’ add-in (LocationReports.ocx) but this shouldn’t be present in later versions of Recorder 6. If it is, I suggest you uninstall it using Tools – Install – Add-in Module – Remove (only available to system managers), as it is unlikely to produce accurate results even if it works. Unless your system has been reinstalled in recent years this could be a hangover from the original installation.

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Re: Report button for Locations

Hello Sally,
thanks for your answer. I will get back to our IT people and ask them to uninstall the ocx, if that is still in the background somewhere.