Topic: Problems with "email file with attachement"

we have upgraded to Recorder in a test database. Now we are having problems with the function "email file with attachement"
If I run a report it opens up the report. If I then go to "Report Output/Export to other Formats... ", select "Word" as format and "e-mail with file attachement" as action after exporting, I get the message, that my Microsoft Exchange Server is not available.  What shall I do?

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Re: Problems with "email file with attachement"

I tested this on my laptop and it worked as expected, i.e. an email ended up in my MS Outlook Outbox with the file attached. What e-mail system are you using? Could permissions be blocking Recorder 6’s access to it? The work around is to save the file somewhere and then e-mail it to the recipient from your e-mail system rather than trying to do that from Recorder 6.

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Re: Problems with "email file with attachement"

Hello Sally,
thanks for the reply. I will check with our IT, if there is a permission issue.