Re: NBN Gateway Version 4.0.1 release


Release date: July 2011

The following new functionality and changes have now been added to the NBN Gateway and web services. Please refer any questions you have regarding the NBN Gateway to the NBN helpdesk (gateway@nbn.org.uk). NBN web service documentation can be found on the NBN website (http://www.nbn.org.uk/Guidebooks/Web-services-documentation.aspx).


Incorporating site based records
The NBN Gateway now accepts datasets with records associated with sites instead of OS grid references. These sites are restricted to the ones currently present on the NBN Gateway, the records appearing within the corresponding site report page.

A list of current sites and corresponding required key can be found by browsing the metadata page for the particular geographical layer on NBN Gateway or can be provided by the NBN Gateway Service Team (data@nbn.org.uk).

To incorporate these site based records the NBN Exchange Format has been updated to include a new FeatureKey field. Information on this version 2.4 of the NBN Exchange Format will be available shortly on the NBN website.

Highlighting sensitive records
Sensitive records are now highlighted in a much more obvious fashion across the NBN Gateway. Records flagged as sensitive by data providers are displayed in red. This allows users to recognise the sensitive records they have been given enhanced access to so that they can be handled appropriately, within the NBN Gateway Terms and Conditions.

Clarification of Access Level
The NBN Gateway has standardised on the term 'Full' rather than '100m' for a user having access to all records at native resolution in a dataset. This is to clarify the case where a dataset was recorded to 1km resolution and full resolution was granted and to accommodate the new site based datasets.


Web Mapping Services
The NBN are releasing a suite of WMS Services covering single species, dataset and designation mapping. These services are WMS v1.3.0 and v1.1.1 compliant and can be used in ESRI ArcDesktop, qGIS, and any other WMS client products. Documentation on these services can be found on within the web services guide of the NBN web site.

Incorporating site based records
To accompany the inclusion of datasets with site based records on the NBN Gateway, a number of v3.5 web services have been updated to accomodate these records when a SiteBoundary filter is applied. These web services are DatasetSummaryList, SpeciesList and TaxonReportingCategoryList. The updating of the other web services is planned for future releases.

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Re: NBN Gateway Version 4.0.1 release

Hello Graham,

Really like the new WMS feature, nice to get data right into GIS from the Gateway.

We are getting an error message:


Unable to retrieve the map image from the WMS server.

Is it pointing to the right place hint the nbngis-1.nbngateway.local?

I have to manually change the MapInfo xml file WMS location to gis.nbn.org.uk

Many thanks,

IT Officer
rECOrd (A Biodiversity Information System for Cheshire, Halton, Warrington and Wirral)


Re: NBN Gateway Version 4.0.1 release


This was a deployment issue, that is now fixed. Sorry for the difficulty it caused.

Glad you like the new feature.

Paul Gilbertson,
NBN Gateway Developer