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Can Recorder 2002 be installed on a PC running the 64 bit version of Windows 7?



Re: Recorder 2002 and Windows 7 64 bit

Hi Dave
I've not tested Recorder 2002 but I am not aware of any reason why not, though you probably need to install to a folder other than Program Files to avoid permissions problems in Windows 7.
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Re: Recorder 2002 and Windows 7 64 bit

My work machine was recently changed to one running Windows 7, 64-bit and, because the Hoverfly Recording Scheme still uses Recorder 2002 (and I keep a copy at work both as a backup and because I frequently use the data), I needed to get Rec2002 working on the new machine. I thought it would be useful to report my experiences.

1. The last installation CD for Recorder 2002 was created in Oct 2003 and installs version This DOES NOT WORK on a 64-bit system. The SETUP.EXE files it contains are 16-bit and therefore will not run on 64-bit Windows.

2. However, if you have a working version of Recorder 2002 you CAN successfully move it to the 64-bit Windows system following the steps below.

3. This leads me to conclude that if, for whatever reason, you needed a fresh install of Rec2002 on a 64-bit Widows system, you would have to install it on a 32-bit machine and then copy the working system across. I would suggest installing from the v2.3.1 CD and then running the two available upgrades (to and then to; download from http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/page-4598) before you do the move.

Moving the system: Note that you will need to be logged on as an Administrator to do some of these things!

Preamble: Since Recorder 2002 relies on Access databases, the target (64-bit) system will need to have Access installed. In my case, Office 2007 (including Access 2007) was installed. Recorder 2002 uses Access 97 database files, but newer versions of Access will run these fine as far as I am aware.

1. I had Recorder installed in d:\Recorder 2002 on the old machine. I copied the whole directory structure across to he same location on the new machine.

2. I decided that I wanted to install addins afresh on the new machine, both because they needed a tidy up (which ones do I actually need?; make sure I have the latest versions) and also because the COM objects will need to be registered on the new machine and reinstalling will make sure that this happens. So, on the new machine, I renamed the d:\Recorder 2002\Addins directory to d:\Recorder 2002\oldAddins. Then I created a new, empty d:\Recorder 2002\Addins directory and a d:\Recorder 2002\Addins\Images directory inside it. I also copied the file Default.bmp into d:\Recorder 2002\Addins\Images (from d:\Recorder 2002\oldAddins\Images) because Rec2002 will expect this file to be present.

3. On the old machine, I went into the system registry (start-run, type "regedit" and hit Return) and exported the keys HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JNCC and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JNCC. Just browse through the registry hierarchy until one of these keys is visible  Right-click on it and select "Export" from the context menu. You will get a save-file dialog, to save a .reg file. Copy the two resulting .reg files to the new machine.

4. On the new machine, edit the .reg file containing the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JNCC entries. You need to do two things: Firstly, change the paths to include an extra node "Wow6432Node" between "Software" and "JNCC"; and secondly delete the nodes for installed addins (the ones following the "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JNCC\Recorder\Installed Addins]". The final result should look something like this (although your "Local Install Dir" and "Addin Path" settings will probable be different from mine):

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    "Local Install Dir"="D:\\Recorder 2002"
    "Addin Path"="D:\\Recorder 2002\\Addins\\"

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\JNCC\Recorder\Installed Addins]

When you are happy, save the edited file.

5. Import these two files into the registry of the 64-bit machine by navigating to them in the Windows Explorer and double-clicking the file names. YOU ARE CHANGING THE SYSTEM REGISTRY BY DOING THIS SO YOU ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO CREATE A SYSTEM CHECKPOINT FIRST (so you can revert if anything goes wrong!).

6. Run the \Recorder 2002\Recoder2000.exe file to start Recorder and everything should now work OK.

7. Install the addins you want in the normal manner (remembering that you need to start Rec2002 using "Run as Administrator" to do this). It would probably be a good idea to install the latest versions (downloaded from http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/page-4599), but you can simple reinstall them by selecting the .ocx file from Recorder 2002\oldAddins. (Once you have installed everything you want, the Recorder 2002\oldAddins directory can be deleted.)

Thanks to John van Breda for the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\JNCC trick. He  pointing out that these entries must be in Wow6432Node for the 32-bit subsystem on Windows 64 to "see" them. If you simply import them into the original place in the registry (as I did initially), you will get an error  “Addin path not found. Please re-install the application.” when you start Rec2002.



Re: Recorder 2002 and Windows 7 64 bit

We would like to install Recorder 2002 on a Windows 7 64-bit PC so have tried following Stuart's instructions (see last post).  Once we get to step 6: Run the Recorder 2002.exe file we get the following error message:

'An error occurred whilst starting the application. EJNCCDatabaseError: Error occurred during DAO instalation.'

Can anyone help??

Many thanks,