Re: taxon dictionaries

I have been producing some reports specifically about Bats. I decided to use the Bat Conservation Trust's taxon list to record the data. But occasionally (my fault) I have used the preferred list for Mammals which I think is from the Natural History Museum? Anyway, the net result is getting different species descriptions for the same species on reports.

My basic question is in terms of producing reports, which lists contain species descriptions that would be generally accepted as correct? It would seem to make sense to me that the Bat Conservation List would be the obvious choice but maybe not?

Cheers for now

Gary Pocklington


Re: taxon dictionaries


As far as Recorder is concerned the preferred Dictionary for the Bats is the MAMMALIA Natural History Museum Check List and it is the names from this Dictionary which will be used in reporting for the recommended name. As to whether or not this is the latest or best information I can't say. If you want to use the Bats list then you could change the determination entries you have made against the Mammals list to the Bats list  and use the actual name in reporting.


Mike Weideli


Re: taxon dictionaries

Hello Mike,

Thanks for your reply. I think that I might be making a mistake in the way I am entering the data. I noticed that I was getting two different spellings for Daubentons. This was down to there being two Bat Conservation lists one for 2001 and the other for 2004. When I choose to select from all lists and not the preferred lists the 2001 BCT list is at the top. My fault for not being careful enough and reading it fully.

It sort of leads me to thinking that I am not making life easy for myself when entering data. If anyone can offer their views I would be interested to receive them.