Re: migrating to another PC


I am anticipating a situation that will occur in the near future.

I am hoping to be able to get a new PC. At the moment it looks like it will run Windows 7. As I understand it the professional version of this has Windows XP running on it.  I presume that with the above windows setup you can 'flick' from one version of windows to another? Anyway, these are the events as I think(?) they would occur for me to be able to migrate to this sort of setup.

On the existing system
Backup the NBNdata database using either Recorder 6/Sql Express
Backup user type files in Recorder 6 directories reports/ maps etc.

On the new system
Re-install Recorder 6 software onto the new machine
Restore the previously backed up NBNdata database
Restore any of the user type files from recorder 6 directory

That looks simple, is it as simple as that?

Any thoughts, suggestions or things I have missed then I would be interested to hear them. Thanks.

Gary Pocklington


Re: migrating to another PC

Hi Gary
Not sure what you mean about "has Windows XP running on it". You can run Virtual PC on Windows 7 Professional and this software would allow you to install Windows XP so that it runs within a window of Windows 7, but you would need a Windows XP license on top of your Windows 7 license. However, this might be not quite as efficient as running Recorder 6 under Windows 7. To install on Windows 7 I would recommend making sure you have the latest copy of the installation CD (6.14.4a I think).

Your procedure sounds correct, but let us know if you get any problems. There is a possibility that when you run Recorder it will not have access to the database even though it is present. If this happens, try running the following query against the NBNData database using Database Management Studio Express:

EXEC sp_change_users_login 'update_one', 'NBNUser', 'NBNUser'

Any questions just shout.

John van Breda
Biodiverse IT