Re: Rucksacks/Reporting

I have loaded some records in from 2009. I would like to use these as the basis for creating a rucksack which could then be used for input to reports or recording cards.

I thought that I might be able to copy the details from the events into a rucksack. But that did not work. So, I selected via SQL  taxon_list_item_keys (would like to have selected by date but not sure how) from the taxon_determination table and pasted those into a notepad file. I then copied an existing rucksack file(one of the system supplied ones) deleted the taxon contents and pasted in my selections.
When I went into Recorder 6 software and tried to look at my created rucksack file it caused an exception error. But, I was able to create a recording card with the rucksack file that I created.

Also, I would like to create checklists that could be taken out in the field for surveys/observations. As above they would be based on previous entries or selections of a species set e.g. butterflies. I have created a basic one via the reporting suite but I was just wondering if anyone else has done this rather then me completely re-inventing the wheel in terms of creating a new report.

Cheers for now

Gary Pocklington