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Re: Plot5 mapping with Windows 7

A friend of mine who uses Recorder 3.3 has just bought a new laptop running Windows 7 Home Edition.  We have installed Recorder and it appears to work fine apart from a problem with the mapping facility Plot5. Having selected a species to map and accepted the various default options, we find that, during the process of "writing DOS file "SQLIST.TXT" for Plotting Program Plot5", a new mini-window appears, titled "16-bit MS DOS subsystem", with the message: "Advanced Revelation 3.0.  This system does not support full-screen mode. Choose CLOSE to terminate the application".  Two buttons are presented: CLOSE and IGNORE.  Pressing the latter simply takes you into a loop with the original message. 
We have right-clicked the desktop Recorder icon (Arev.exe), clicked Properties > Screen, and checked which of the two options (ie Full-screen or Window) was selected by default, but it was the Window option so no joy there.  Just a thought.
We'd appreciate any ideas about how to resolve the problem.

I resolved the problem eventually in a roundabout way.  I'm afraid I've forgotten exactly what I did, and I don't have access to a laptop running Windows 7 at the moment having solved an earlier problem with an axe. Anyway, the key thing is that Recorder still generates the file sqlist.txt in the Plot5 folder.  This file holds the mapping coordinates of the current species selected for mapping.  I think what I probably did was to copy this file to C:\dmapw, overwriting any existing file of this name, and then double-click the R2DW.exe application file in this same folder.  Having just done a re-run, the relevant map is generated in DMAP.