Re: National Moth Recording Scheme Update

Hi all,

Just as a matter of interest, the National Moth Recording Scheme database currently has 7,451,789 records with another 200,000+ records due this week!

I still have macro-moth datasets to come from a further 15 vice-counties, a couple of which are known to be at least 500,000 records each. Potentially, the 10 million records milestone is within reach once these datasets arrive and older datasets get refreshed with new data.

My Recorder 6/SQL Server 2005 installation has worked very well with no disasters for 3 years. However, reporting can take some time to complete and some reports do fail with arithmetic overflows when they would complete fine with smaller amounts of data.

Les Evans-Hill
Senior Data Officer
Butterfly Conservation, Butterflies for the New Millennium and National Moth Recording Scheme