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Has anyone been doing this and if so HELP. Well I've started the process by looking at a small dataset and see that there are problems most notably the one of dates. Formatting of dates is different and if I don't have to write routines to convert dates then that'll be great. So if you happen to have done this I'd be most grateful for any code you may have written.

I also wonder what people do with sex.stage and abundance to fit into the mapmate equivalents.

I've noticed that the suggested import format does not include 'reference' but assume that it will accept it. This would seem useful as one can specify the R3 source as the reference.

So all you who have done this or attempted it please let me know how things went and how you might be able to stop me reinventing....


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Re: Recorder 3 to MapMate

Hello Tony

I have some VBA functions I have been developing to convert dates into start and enddates required in the NBN Exchange Format, and though they don't take into account all the different formats you may encounter they may be of help. Will be interested to see how you get on

Best wishes

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Re: Recorder 3 to MapMate


I did a lot of R3 to MapMate transfers, but that was back in c. 2002, and I think I did most of it using more-or-less manual edits in either Access or Excel (having exported text files from R3).

Regarding the Reference, MapMate doesn't allow you to import a reference, but every time you do a text file import into MapMate it creates a default reference along the lines of "Centre 1xy, 2003, Data Import by Centre 1xy on 07/10/2003", and you can then go into this Reference in MapMate and edit it to something more meaningful such as "SERC, 2009, Data imported from Recorder 3" or whatever.

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Re: Recorder 3 to MapMate

Thanks Martin.

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