Re: The Gateway and Habitat information

I would very much like to hear the NBN's aspirations on the supply of habitat data.  CAn you direct me to any documentation outlining the NBN proposals?

Best wishes
Henri Brocklebank
Sussex Biodversity Record Centre


Re: The Gateway and Habitat information

Hello Henri,

I'm really sorry about this tardy response, but I expected to get an email when someone posted to this forum and it didn't happen! I will get that sorted out.

As it happens, I am working on a functional specification at the moment which describes the developments that we are proposing to the Gateway with respect to habitat data. I've just sent this out to the rest of the Gateway technical development team today for comment. But it would also be good to make this available for wider consultation before it is finalised. I will explore this idea and let you know when it is available - or can be expected to be available.

Your comments & ideas would be valuable and very much appreciated.


Richard Burkmar
Biodiversity Project Officer
Field Studies Council