Re: Recorder 3.2 installation - password and username.

Can anybody recall the default Username and Password requested when undertaking a new installation of Recorder 3.2?  We believe that we have found a copy of a 'lost' Recorder 3.x database. I'm installing a fresh copy of Recorder prior to attaching the old Codes and Data directories but we have lost/thrown out all our 3.x documentation. Thanks


Re: Recorder 3.2 installation - password and username.

The default Username is LRC_System for which there is no password. If you have the complete Recorder folder with all its sub folders, i.e. Arev, Codes, Data, Output, Species, System, etc., you don't need to go through the hassle of installing it. You can simply copy the Recorder folder to your C: drive and set up a PIF (icon on the desktop) to run it, for which I have the instructions. If it was running on a network you will also need the instructions provided by Stuart Ball pre 2001 to swap back to running on the C: drive.

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Re: Recorder 3.2 installation - password and username.

Thanks Sally, I'll try LRC_System this evening.  I did copy the Recorder directory to C:\ but got an error message (which I can't remember) at the Recorder log on screen.