Topic: Linking Observations to a Location

I may well have missed something in the read the docs but i would like to link observations to a database (imported) location on entry. So far as i can tell the only way database location can interact with an observation is via spatial indexing.

I understand that spatial indexing can pick up intersecting observations but would like to be able to directly attach observations to a location on entry. ideally through the use of a mandatory lookup and unique name/reference on the entry form. This is something we do already and seems more resource efficient than running spatial queries (we have around 1200 sites)?

I can create the lookup term list but not sure how i can explicitly link that to a boundaried location in the database so if i report on a location the database knows that the observations are for that site.

I'm sure this has been done before and i'm just missing the guide so any help would be appreciate.

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