Topic: iRecord to Recorder 6 - exporting Determiner Name and Reviewer Name


I am attempting to import iRecord records into Recorder 6.

Often there will be a different person for each role of ‘Observer(s)’, ‘Determiner Name’ and ‘Reviewer Name’. In this scenario, the reviewer is the person doing the verification on iRecord.

I have no problem importing them, but I have trouble exporting them to a spreadsheet as I would like.

I want the spreadsheet columns exported something like below – the determiner name decoupled from the reviewer name.

Sample Recorder: John Smith
Obs Determiner: Jane Doe
Reviewer: Adam Jones
Reviewer Role: County Recorder
Review Type: Considered Correct

I set the ‘review preferred’ to ‘yes’ so it shows the record as verified but this changes the export of ‘obs determiner’ in the wizard to the reviewers name.

A work around might be to set the review preferred to ‘no’ and add another field for import/export ‘Determiner type’ set to ‘Considered Correct’.

I would be interested to learn how other people incorporate verification status of records from iRecord and other sources into Recorder 6.