Topic: Data processing restarted

Dear all,

The upgraded records component was launched on the NBN Atlas this morning. The upgraded infrastructure and code should mean that the Atlas is much more stable and responsive. Please let me know if you are having any issues.

We processed all datasets that were sent to me in the last four months, and we will resume the monthly data processing schedule from now on. I am sorry for the inconvenience of no updates in the last months.

Many thanks,

Best wishes, Sophie


Re: Data processing restarted

Please let us know the Processing Schedule for 2024, esp. Jan & Feb.

David Hepper
Records Officer, British Dragonfly Society


Re: Data processing restarted

Dear David,

Please accept my apologies for missing your reply to this post, and for such a delayed response. We have now updated the data processing schedule page, which you can view here: https://nbnatlas.org/nbn-atlas-data-pro … -schedule/

We delayed data processing in January, and data processing will be resuming again 5 February, if you would like to share any updates for your datasets on the NBN Atlas, please can you send your updated datasets to Will Millard (w.millard@nbn.org.uk), who is our new Data Officer and who will be taking on the role of running monthly data processing.

Once again, I apologise for missing your message and for the delay to data processing, we thank you for your patience. Please do let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,

Rhiannydd Stock
NBN Atlas Support Officer