Topic: Recorder list with count of records?

Is there a report available that would give me all the recorders in the database and the number/count of records that they have? I am trying to tidy up our database and want to remove those recorders who have no records.
Any help appreciated


Re: Recorder list with count of records?

Hi Mhairi, there is a system supplied report that will do this: if you click reports: run and expand System supplied and then Statistics, you should see a report called most prolific recorders V06-12.

This should list all the names within your system and the number of records attributed to them. However, as the recorder name table is used for system login you may find that some entries are needed for system metadata.


Eric Fletcher
RECORD Manager


Re: Recorder list with count of records?

Thank you Eric, I was aware of this report.
My problem is that some of the recorders listed in our database have no records and not listed in this report. Previously we captured all iRecord recorders by their name but we changed that so now we have all these recorders with no records (we delete the iRecord survey and reimport a fresh copy every 6 months). I was hoping to tidy up our recorders by deleting the ones with no records.
Thank you for your response.


Re: Recorder list with count of records?

Hi Mhairi, give the attached xml a go - it produces a report with all entries in the Name table and includes counts of their Name_Keys in the Survey_Event_Recorder, Taxon_Determination and User tables.  It should help find individuals that have no records or determinations in your database. Unlike the prolific recorders report it doesn't count the individuals records, it just counts the number of times they are listed in the Survey_Event _Recorder table.
Hope it helps!

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Re: Recorder list with count of records?

Thank you Ian, much appreciated.