Topic: Update on records component upgrade and restarting data processing

Dear all,

Apologies for not writing sooner to let you know when data processing will resume.

The upgrade of the records component on the NBN Atlas to the latest version of the ALA platform has gone well. Our developers have load tested the new environment and are confident that the upgraded Atlas will be much more stable and perform better.

We will have an upgraded staging version of the Atlas ready by Thursday 7th September, which will include all the records we have currently on the Atlas. The staging site is protected by IP address so it is not publicly available, but if any data providers would like to see their own records on the staging, please let me know and we could give you access.

Assuming that everything is ok with the staging site, the upgraded records component will be made live during the week starting 11th September and data processing will restart on the 18th September.

Many thanks for your patience with the lack of data processing for the last four months.

Best wishes, Sophie


Re: Update on records component upgrade and restarting data processing

Dear all,

We have not made the upgraded records component live yet. We decided to run data processing offline on the staging site and then make both the upgraded records component and the new data live at the same time.

We have a lot of new records to process, we expect everything to be live towards the end of next week. I will let you know when I have another update, but data processing has started with no problems so far.

Many thanks, again, for your patience,

Best wishes, Sophie