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Topic: Dictionary upgrade v51 errors


the following error message popped up when I tried to upgrade the taxon dictionary from v50 to v51 on Recorder 6.30:
"The dictionary upgrade has completed with 3 errors. If there are only a few errors it might be safe to use this dictionary, but you should seek assistance to confirm this. See log file C:\...\DictionaryLog.txt"

This happened at the 2nd attempt of updating the dictionary; the message after the 1st attempt said that the dictionary has been partially updated and that I should try again with block size 1, which I did.

I would be grateful for any advice - log file attached.

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Re: Dictionary upgrade v51 errors

This does suggest that some anomalies exist in your dictionary.  Are the results you run from Report Dict2. what are expected ? http://www.recorder6.info/page57.html For the moment don't try any further upgrades. However, it should be safe to continue using Recorder 6 while it is sorted out. .

Mike Weideli


Re: Dictionary upgrade v51 errors

Hi Mike,
thanks so much for providing the dictionary update files to me which solved the problem.
All the best,